Salary Sacrifice Maximiser

This calculator can help you model the following


Estimate how much money you could possibly salary sacrifice each year (based on your age, salary, and employer’s contribution rate).


Identify what your salary sacrifice amount would be on a monthly, fortnightly, and weekly basis.


Explore the possibility of entering into a salary sacrificing agreement with your employer.


1. Enter your age.
2. Enter your total annual salary (before tax).
3. Enter your employer’s contribution rate (this will automatically populate with the default employer’s contribution rate of 9.5%. Please adjust if necessary).

The last two boxes will automatically populate with your employer’s total contribution and your possible salary sacrifice amount (per annum). The results will display on the graph below.

Please note this calculator is designed to be used as a guide only. Actual totals may vary depending on your unique situation.

Salary Sacrifice Maximiser