Mortgage Repayment Calculator

This calculator helps you model the following


Estimate what your mortgage repayments might be over the life of your home loan and get an interest vs. principle breakdown.


Compare the costs of different mortgage sizes, mortgage lengths, interest rates, and refinancing options.


Work out how much you can afford to borrow (please note, this calculator is designed to be used as a guide only).


In the first two boxes, enter the total amount you have borrowed or plan to borrow, followed by your interest rate. Next, choose a repayment frequency from the drop-down menu (weekly, fortnightly or monthly). In the last box, enter the length of your loan (in years).

Please note, this calculator does not take into account split loans, extra payments, or rate variations. Your actual mortgage repayment results will vary depending on your chosen loan provider, bank fees, and other factors.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator